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Energise with Elka Programs Price List

Go Live Group Fitness

$2030-40 mins
  • Energise & Go Live with Group Fitness
  • Choose from 10 classes per week
  • Enjoy getting fit with a group in a safe and supportive environment.

Online Anytime Access

$4015-30 mins
  • Online Video Programs – 24hr access
  • 10 videos 4 weeks
  • Pilates, Core Conditioning, Functional Strength & HIIT

Energise with Elka PT

From$6030-60 min
  • Individual Care and Attention
  • Results through Postural Realignment
  • My commitment is to get the very best out of you

benefits & outcomes

benefits & outcomes


let’s get fit – quick exercise at home

This workout was published in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

This one is an Easter Mat Pilates Rotation stretch posted by Snap Fitness on Insta.

This article was published in the Age about staying fit at home.


from the blog


Gratitude. It’s a beautiful word isn’t it? This blog is about thanking my

Through the Eyes of a Child

“Mum, mum, doing mindfulness everyday helps me to relax & to get my energy out”  “In school, we practice ‘Wellbeing” 15 minutes a

My love affair with Clinical Pilates?

Those of us who have lived with chronic pain can relate to the

Inspiring words from my members

I have been training with Elka for just under three years, and in that time I have seen enormous gains. Not only am I stronger and leaner, but my understanding of key muscle groups and the importance of core stability and focusing on your body holistically has exponentially increased. I think Elka is not only a fantastic trainer with an incredible understanding (and love) of the human body, but she is also a beautiful person with whom I enjoy spending time.

Caroline Zielinski

Elka has been my personal trainer for 3 years focussing on Pilates and bespoke gym sessions.Elka differentiates herself from the pack by demonstrating a strong intuition on what works for me -there is nothing standard .Her vast experience and range of solutions to particular issues combine to achieve outstanding results. She keeps every session lively and fun without compromising effectiveness . Her ability to spot areas needing attention is amazing -she can identify issues as you walk into the gym ! Elka come with my strong recommendation

Paul Sundberg, 60+

Elka is such an amazing PT, I’ve been training with her for 4 years when I trained for a half Marathon.  Elka has been the perfect support I needed to helping me achieve my health, fitness goals and my posture! A busy lifestyle of working Mum provided many excuses to not put health and fitness high on my priority list. She knows what I am capable of (much better than I do) and she is very good at pushing me to make sure I work hard to get the best results. She is also motivating and ensures that I understand what each session entails and why.

Novariska Syahrial

When I first started training with Elka just a year ago, I was suffering from excruciating pain in every part of my body. I couldn’t push myself in classes as the pain was unbearable. She gave me personal time and understood my weak areas and knew what exactly needed to be done. By the time my pain levels reduced, I also realised how fit I had become which came as a pleasant surprise. I had overcome 80% of my body issues and it was boosting my confidence on emotional, mental and physical levels. I was amazed to see that Elka worked on every part of my weakness and moved it to my strength.

Its been a long time I have been in her contact and now it feels like family. Elka is committed, passionate, dedicated, tough – and that is what make her special.

Shilpa Gureja


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