3 Tips to Correcting your Posture

  1. Shallow breathing and unwanted tension affect our postures.  Try out this mindfulness exercise. Take a deep breath in and as you take a long breath out close your eyes.  As you take relaxed breaths in, try scanning your body, one area at a time, move from the top of your head all the way down to your toes and breathing out and releasing any unnecessary tension you may be holding onto within your body.  Once you’ve done your body scan, with your next breath imagine an invisible wire connecting your head up to the ceiling making you as light as a feather, and as you breathe out find your feet and connect yourself with the ground beneath you.
  2. I call this a wall angel.  Find a wall and stand against it.   Feel the back of your head, back of the ribs and pelvis making contact with it.  Look long into the distance, breathe in and stretch your arms long by your sides, back of the hands on the wall.  As you breathe out, elbows slightly bent, keep contact with the wall, as you slowly slide your arms out and up towards the ceiling and back down by your sides again.  With each breath in, relax your neck, back and shoulders, and with each breath out relax the front ribs over the vital organs and into your back pockets. Repeat 10 times, 3 times over.
  3. Tripod Stand.  We spend so much time in shoes and the muscles in our feet become lazy so I recommend spending time kicking our shoes off, stretching, strengthening, putting love and attention back into our feet.  They are our foundation to a great posture. Next time you are in the shower close your eyes and focus on the tripod stand. Three points of balance; equal weight distribution in the big toe knuckle, little toe knuckle and the entire heel.  Our arches are the suspension bridge for our body weight; lift those arches and find balance in those three points.