This year I celebrated my 48th birthday in lockdown and am grateful that I had a regular fitness regime in place as it assisted me staying energised and strong.  50s+ focuses on providing you with the energy and strength that you require to live the life you love. The core components are functional strength, posture, power, balance, agility, core stability, flexibility, strength and having fun.

**** Stay safe Melbourne while we are in Stage 4 lockdown.

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    $1540 mins
    • 1 x 50s+ class


    • 4 x 50s+ class
    • Stay strong, energetic and healthy
    • Comfort to exercise from your own home
    • Attention to posture and technique can assist in reducing injury
    • Develop long, lean, strong muscle tone 

    • Participating in regular exercise can help promote fat loss

    • Never too old to start having fitness fun!