Energise with Elka Online Video Programs


Pilates, Stretch & Core Conditioning

Energise with Elka’s wellness program understands that every person is unique and these classes are designed to help educate you on how your body works.  With regular practice we build long strong lean muscles, develop a great posture, improve your coordination and balance.

If you require extra assistance, please include a 20-min postural assessment with your pack so we can get to the heart of any queries, concerns and questions – I can tailor the videos to suit your needs so you reach your fitness goals.

HIIT Cardio & Functional Strength

Time to sweat and get strong!  Let’s aim to develop a strong heart, a healthy set of lungs and to lessen the injuries in life by being strong, flexible and agile. Get fit fast with these short, intense workouts, ramp up your metabolism, bump up your athletic capacity and condition.  If you love a challenge and want to push to your boundaries, this program is for you.  Reset your mind and your body will follow!

Video Preview

Price & Timetable


$4015-30 mins
  • 10 videos per 4 weeks


$9015-30 mins
  • 10 videos includes postural assessment
  • The power is in your hands, train when you want
  • Choose a program that suits your fitness goals
  • Develop lean muscle mass that supports your life
  • Improve your technique with me as your guide
  • Sweat. Stretch. Shine.