Kids Mat Pilates Stretch Class


First & foremost, my classes are simple and fun.  I want your children to enjoy their exercise with me as joy is fundamental to creating longevity around exercise.

When considering the Six Principles of Pilates: 

“Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath & Flow”

Breath is essential to life; and with me your kids will learn, through breath control, to calm themselves and clear their minds.  The world around us is bursting with information, a plethora of stimuli and distractions that can place many demands on young growing minds. Regular mindfulness practice can reconnect our children with being in the present, increase their attention spans, giving them insight to how they (and their bodies) are feeling and develop the ability to divert into a positive mindset.

They will learn to move their bodies with ease and grace, as we correct ineffective movement patterns, develop long, lean, strong, flexible muscle tone and a strong core.  A greater body awareness can decrease the risk of injuries, and believe is paramount to their futures.

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    Kids Mat Pilates Stretch Class

    $150040-min class
    • per class

    Kids Mat Pilates Stretch Class

    • Focus on Core Strength, joint stability and flexibility
    • Body Awareness and Control
    • Coordination and Agility
    • Social setting designed for fitness fun!