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beginner to advanced

Whether you’ve exercised most of your life, or you’ve had a break and are getting back into it, perhaps it’s never been on your radar but now keen to try; know that my programs will cater to you.  My commitment to you is to get the very best out of your posture and together we can reach your fitness.

Relax, unwind, reset and
re-energise with me!

It will be an exciting day when restrictions are lifted, but once the hustle and bustle of everyday life returns it is essential that the valuable lessons learnt during these difficult times are honoured and that we stay connected with our health and wellbeing. I love hosting retreats to our fitness community and cannot wait until we can get away again. Time to take in nature, fresh air, eat wholesome foods, rest, meditate, stretch, laugh, sweat and strengthen our minds and bodies. To be included on the waitlist, please email me and I will be in contact.

  • Take time out of your everyday to replenish and nourish your mind and body

  • A diverse program of offerings ranging from HIIT to gentle stretching
  • Wholesome foods and comfortable accommodations

  • Enjoy reconnecting with your fitness community


let’s get fit – quick exercise at home

This workout was published in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

This one is an Easter Mat Pilates Rotation stretch posted by Snap Fitness on Insta.

This article was published in the Age about staying fit at home.