Through the Eyes of a Child

“Mum, mum, doing mindfulness everyday helps me to relax & to get my energy out” 

“In school, we practice ‘Wellbeing” 15 minutes a day.  It helps me connect with my emotions” says my 8 year old son, Charlie.

A big thank you to State Victorian schooling system for equipping my children in a healthy work-life balance.  Given those in our population who suffer from anxiety, emotional overwhelm, overwork themselves, don’t sleep the 8 hours a day we will never get back… the list goes on, I wanted to bring you back to when you were are child.

Do you recall when you were just living life in the moment, uncensored and free?  Felt good yes?

I have taken from this is finding 15 minutes a day for me; to focus how my body is feeling, to find the in what I have and don’t have.  In that 15 minutes, I could focus on my exhale out, or feel the sun, wind or rain on my face.

What can you come away with, given you’ve read this.