What’s Important to You?

Life as we know it has dramatically changed.  We’ve been thrown into a world of uncertainty; some of us have lost our jobs, some have had to self isolate, we’ve been separated from our loved ones and lost the basic human need of socialisation and physical touch.  It’s been a big wakeup call and I’ve used this time to reflect, reset on what I hold dear and started to dream big again as my life has always been so full up until now.

I wanted to use this opportunity to reach out and ask you what is important to you.  I invite you to spend the next 5 minutes to sit with yourself and write down what you hold dear and think of what you can do to  make a difference in that area of your life today. It doesn’t need to be anything big, it could be that you love baking so perhaps bake your favourite treat and knock on your neighbour’s door and deliver one.  Just remember the 1.5m!

Staying grounded and connected with our communities takes the focus off of ourselves and brings joy back into this world.